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Photo of Grave Rm11
Headstone (ivy covered)
In Loving Memory
daughter of
who died Feb 15th 1880
aged 16 months.

Also the above named
who died Nov 13th 1923
aged 69 years.

beloved wife of the above
died March 12th 1937
aged 84 years.

Also ADA
daughter of the above
died March 7th 1967
aged 82.
Clara  Charnock
Burial Year: 1880 Age: 16m Grave: Rm11 - Middle Section
Bradshaw Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister:
William  Charnock
Burial Year: 1923 Age: 69 Grave: Rm11 - Middle Section
13 Ash Plant Farm Notes: Old ref: G398.24-25 
Relationship(s): Minister:
Harriet  Charnock
Burial Year: 1937 Age: 84 Grave: Rm11 - Middle Section
Ash Plant Farm, Bradshaw Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: J A Jeffries
Ada  Charnock
Burial Year: 1967 Age: 82 Grave: Rm11 - Middle Section
Hx Royal Infirmary Notes:  
Relationship(s): daughter Minister: G Robertshaw
You asked for: Grave Rm11
I found 4 record(s) corresponding to this search
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