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Photo of Grave O17
Three stepped cross
In loving memory of BARBARA
dearly beloved daughter of FRANK & ALICE WILSON
died December 26th 1925
in her 6th year. “Suffer little children”
Also of the above FRANK WILSON
died May 10th 1928
aged 49 years.
“Thy will be done”
died 3rd Jan. 1962
aged 81 years.
Barbara  Wilson
Burial Year: 1925 Age: 6 Grave: O17 - North Section
56 Thomas St South, Parkinson Lane Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister:
Frank  Wilson
Burial Year: 1928 Age: 45 Grave: O17 - North Section
56 Thomas St South,Hx Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: A Wilcock
Elizabeth Ann  Womersley
Burial Year: 1944 Age: 73 Grave: O17 - North Section
257 Shay Lane, holmfield Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: Stuart Knight
James  Womersley
Burial Year: 1952 Age: 80 Grave: O17 - North Section
St Johns Hospital, Hx Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: T W Hodgson
Alice  Ogden
Burial Year: 1962 Age: 81 Grave: O17 - North Section
5 Saville Park Rd, Hx Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: J W Markham
You asked for: Grave O17
I found 5 record(s) corresponding to this search
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